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Email: rishiandparty@gmail.com

RISHI AND PARTY born on 1975 belongs of DHARAMPURA, NAJAFGARH, NEW DELHI-110043 - born in a religious family had devotion on the almighty god right from early childhood. He is from a family where singing is considered as the simple route to god.
In 1975 he has given his first major perfomance in the famous Aimil Jagran Kangra in front of over 50,000 people where he shared the stage in calcutta, mumbai, rajasthan...and all over india.
From that day onwards his spiritual journey continues till date and many other vcds, cassettes of Bhents, Bhajans of Maa Sherawali, Bhagwan Shiv, Hanuman ji, Khatu Shyam ji, Sai Baba, Babosa ji has been released by various music companies. His live performances can be seen on Aastha channel, Sanskaar channel, Zee Jagran, Shradha channel, DD-1 and other reputated channels all over the world he had given devotional programmes all over india and kathmandu nepal.